Survival Day Share the Spirit

Share the Spirit is the state’s largest and longest running Indigenous music festival. A truly inclusive event which draws on the collective talent, support and passion of the local Indigenous community in the delivery of a jam packed program of music, dance and cultural activities. The festival boasts an eclectic mix of established and emerging local Indigenous artists who perform side-by-side to celebrate the achievements of our Indigenous peoples, increase awareness of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture, whilst contributing to the process of political change, reconciliation and national excellence.

Share the Spirit started as a small gathering of local members of the Koorie community who banded together in an effort to acknowledge and pay respects to the hundreds of Indigenous cultures around the nation, whilst presenting a reminder to all Australians that in spite of the many great accomplishments Australia has achieved as a nation, Nationhood has come at a cost to the country’s Indigenous peoples. The festival has now grown into a daylong multi-stage event attracting crowds of up to 5000 people who come together in the name of reconciliation.

Share the Spirit is presented by Songlines Aboriginal Music Corporation and is proudly supported by the City of Melbourne.

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Koorie Pride Youth Festival

The Koorie Pride Youth Festival brings the Koorie community together with performances by some of the best local talent whilst also showcasing young Koories who participated in the Songlines youth program. Proudly supported by the City of Darebin, Koorie Justice Unit, Freeza and Vic Health the festival aims to develop, support and showcase youth Indigenous arts.

The festival is moving towards becoming a statewide Indigenous youth festival to engage, develop and showcase Indigenous young people through a variety of creative performing arts mediums including (but not limited to) dance, music and songwriting. It is an extension of our Koorie Pride School Holiday Program.

Songlines Festivals & Events

Songlines holds some of Victoria’s largest Indigenous music events; providing a valuable contribution to Indigenous social development through the arts by promoting ownership, cultural pride and conservation, recognition, contribution and unity. Our dedicated youth program is a seeding ground for tomorrow’s Indigenous art and artists.

For more info please contact our events coordinator on 0428 833 218 or via our contact page or check out our Facebook events page

Songlines can fulfil the role as a booking agent for Victorian based Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Musicians in regards to external events and projects. Through the Songlines Booking Agency, Songlines aims to significantly increase the performance opportunities for artists, making it more viable for musicians to practice their art. This in turn will create greater incentive for young and emerging artists to pursue a career in music and contribute to the sustainability of artists and their professional careers.

Want to get more gigs?

If you are an Indigenous artist based in Victoria then Songlines is able to support. To be eligible for gig each artists usually provides the following:

  • 1 x current bio (1 page incl. 50 word brief)
  • 1 x high res image
  • 3 x tracks
  • 1 x stage plan

Please send the above information to our Events Coordinator via our contact page

Want to book an act?

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