Archie Roach

Acoustic / Band

Archie Roach is a truly gifted and inspiring talent. Born in Mooroopna, in Victoria the family moved to Framlingham Aboriginal mission, Warrnambool in south western Victoria, where Archie was taken from his family at an early age as part of the notorious ‘stolen generations’.

Institutionalised and then fostered, the Archie Roach story has been well documented. A former homeless alcoholic, Archie recorded his first record, Charcoal Lane, in 1990 with Paul Kelly and the late Steve Connolly as co-producers.

The album contained Took the Children Away, a song that dealt with Archie’s personal experience as one of what is now called the ‘stolen generations’ of Aboriginal people.

The album won two Aria Awards and a Human Rights Award – the first time a Human Rights award has been awarded to a songwriter. It was also in the US Rolling Stone’s Top 50 albums for 1992 and achieved gold status in Australia.

In 1992 Archie recorded Jamu Dreaming. Released in 1993, this album was recorded with producer, David Bridie, and featured vocals from Tiddas, Paul Kelly, Linda and Vika Bull, Ruby Hunter and Joe Geia. Jamu Dreaming was nominated for an Aria Award in 1994 and was in Australia’s Top 40.

Released in July 1997, Looking for Butter Boy was recorded on Archie’s mothers’ traditional land at Port Fairy in South-Western Victoria. This album won three Aria Awards in 1998.

Aside from his recorded offerings and many awards, Archie has also performed with some of the top names in the entertainment business – including Leonard Cohen, Rodrgiuez, Paul Kelly, Bob Dylan, Joan Armatrading and Patti Smith.

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