Producer / Rapper

Daen is a Melbourne based Producer and Rapper. Most notably With production credits for the Rerecording sessions of Coloured Stones first two albums Koonibba Rock and Black Rock from the Red Centre and Lady Lash’s Milky Way album released in 2015. He Performed with hip hop crew Us Mobb Too along side other members Native Mc & Brother Jack sharing the stage with No fixed Address & Us Mob at the Adelaide film festival for the remastering release of the 1981 film Wrong Side of the Road. Also performing at the 2015 hip hop summit with Philly, Seeka, Gekkz, Killah B, Miss Hood  & Johnny Mac and many other hip hop acts. Daen has a Diploma for Audio Engineering from JMC Academy and currently continuing studies for a bachelors to further his studio skills and recording techniques. This year he is continuing and commencing new projects with Kutcha Edwards, Kev Carmody, Dj Kidd Benny, Yung Warriors, Robby Knight, Tammy Anderson, Jayden Lillyest, Bunna Lawrie, Sid Austin, YKB  and many others.

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