Koorie Pride Youth Workshops

The holiday program is held over 2 school holiday breaks (after school term 1 and term 3). It consists of 4 full days of music and dance with either a performance or music video outcome. The program consists of 4 full days of music and dance development with a performance. It offers Indigenous youth experience and skills in a variety of creative performing arts mediums.  Plus it’s a great way to get rid of the holiday blues!

It’s success relies upon the Indigenous youth community and, in particular, those young people who attend the program. It truly is a youth development initiative, which provides a space for cultural expression and pride, community ownership, representation, sharing, profiling of Indigenous arts amongst Indigenous young people. The young participants establish a meaningful connection with their workshop facilitators/mentors during the length of the school holiday program. By providing them with positive role models, the young participants further develop a sense of self-pride and confidence that allows them to perform in front of the wider community at the Koorie Pride Youth Festival or in a music video.