Pirritu (Brett Lee) is a proud Wangaaypuwan mayi of the Ngiyampaa clan, a creative thinker, educator, storyteller and musician. His music is gentle, honest and melodic, enticing listeners into the depths of his personal journey, singing a story of sadness, love and hope.

Pirritu (meaning ‘Brett’ in Ngiyampaa language) was adopted by a non-Aboriginal couple as a newborn baby and raised to be proud of his Aboriginality, to follow his cultural journey and connect back to family, culture and language — a journey he began when he was 14 years old. Two things drive Pirritu’s continual thirst to connect to his people, country, language and culture: his two-year-old daughter and his passion for music. Pirritu’s debut single was released in 2019, and his debut album, Pirritu Part 1, was released in November 2021 with more releases due towards the end of 2022.

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