Building a strong Indigenous music industry

As a community organisation we believe that the success of an artist is NOT built around fame and fortune but in the ability to be a leader, teacher, healer and storyteller. Contributing to the strength, empowerment and social health of all Indigenous Victorians.

Songlines position in the Indigenous music sector is to represent Indigenous artists while bridging the gap between Indigenous artists and the mainstream industry through representation and advocacy. Providing performing and employment opportunities for Indigenous musicians while ensuring the wider arts industry standards are met.

Professional Development

Songlines is proud to support and assist Indigenous musicians develop their material and profile to increase opportunities for generating work and income. Each artist or act has different needs so a tailored approach is taken to ensure they are gig ready and have the skills and tools to further a successful and sustainable career in the music industry.

Songlines support artists through professional development programs, mentoring, industry guidance, showcase events and creation of new works.
Please contact us via our contact form or by calling us on 0428 833 218